The Image & Data Archive (IDA) is part of the Laboratory of Neuroimaging (also known as LONI), which has an extensive history in neuroscience research. The laboratory first started managing neuroimaging data for multi-centered research studies in the late 1990's, which led to the development of the IDA. The IDA has been in continual operation since 2002 and now houses data for more than 80 studies.


We provide systems and resources to help collect, manage and share data from clinical trials and clinical research studies. We have expertise in image de-identification, data integration and data sharing. Study investigators maintain complete control over data stored in the IDA while benefiting from a robust and reliable infrastructure that protects and preserves research data to maximize data collection investments.


The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging strives to be a global leader in neuroscience data management and informatics solutions that facilitate data preservation, exploration and sharing. Committed to the ideal of fostering open scientific inquiry within a context of reliable data stewardship and subject privacy protection, the Image and Data Archive (IDA) provides tools and resources for de-identifying, integrating, searching, visualizing and sharing a diverse range of neuroscience data and facilitates collaborations between scientists worldwide.


Want to discuss your study or your research needs? We'd love to hear from you. Our email address is ida@loni.usc.edu.


To start using LONI IDA right away for your research and scientific collaboration needs, please review the information in the Quick Start and Learn More sections on the IDA homepage.