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Can I use the IDA for my study?
We are happy to discuss capabilities of the IDA and learn more about your data repository needs. Please contact us to find out more: . Click here to copy the email address.
How do I obtain access to data stored in the IDA?
The IDA contains data from studies with open-sharing policies and with restricted-sharing policies:
  • For open-sharing studies, only an IDA user account (free) is needed; these studies display an [OPEN USE] label in the Featured Studies section.
  • For restricted-sharing studies, access permission may be requested by submitting a data use application (free); these studies display a green [APPLY] button.
What are the advantages in using the IDA for my study?
Some advantages to using IDA include:
No hardware to
purchase or maintain
No software needed to search and download data
Reliable infrastructure
with 24/7 uptime
You control access to
your data
Data de-identification
embedded in upload process
Maintain your identity
and branding
What can I do with an IDA account?
The IDA contains data collected for a continuously growing number of research studies and clinical trials including studies of normal development, neurodegenerative diseases and brain injury. Access to the IDA allows you to search and download data (data access approval required - see How do I obtain access to data stored in the IDA).
Which organizations are using the IDA?
More than 150 organizations use the IDA globally, and the IDA infrastructure has contributed to over 4,000 scientific articles.
IDA Account
How do I register for an IDA account?
To register an account go to and click the 'Instant free signup' button.
How do I update my account information?
You can update your information by logging in and going to the 'My Account' page.
The email I used to register for an IDA account is no longer accessible, how do I access my IDA account?
You will need to register for a new IDA account using an email address that you can access.
Can I add a co-investigator to my approved data access request?
Yes, you can add a co-investigator by logging in and going to the 'My Account' page. From there you can select the study you have access to and then add a co-investigator.
Can I cancel my IDA account?
You can cancel your access to an IDA study by logging in and going to the 'My Account' page. From there you can select the study you no longer need to access and cancel.
What is the difference between the 1-Click and Advanced downloads?
The 1-Click download option is set up to download all data in one zip file, when possible. The Advanced download option allows you to group your download into multiple zip files and also to download a list of those URLs to be used with a Download Manager.
Can I use a download manager to download from the IDA?
Software applications known as Download Managers may help you manage your IDA file downloads: they can automate downloads of multiple files and can keep track of large files seamlessly while you do other things or are away from your computer. A major advantage of most Download Managers is that if a download is briefly interrupted due to poor connectivity, that download will continue from the point where it was interrupted instead of restarting from the beginning. Note: IDA does not endorse or support any Download Managers and is not responsible for download errors or subsequent issues resulting from use of any third-party products. However, IDA has tested and suggests the following free products for your consideration: jDownloader, Uget, FDM.
Are there any suggestions on how to download large files from the IDA?
We suggest using Firefox which automatically tries to restart the download if a network interruption occurs. We also suggest limiting the number of large files you attempt to simultaneously download.
What should I do if I am having issues downloading from a data collection?
Downloads must be started and completed on the same computer and IP address used to log into the IDA and sessions time out after a period of inactivity. If your session expired due to inactivity, you will need to log back in and restart your download. Ensure that your IP address is static and if not, we suggest that users work with their IT department to establish a static IP address. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at . Click here to copy the email address.
What should I do if I am having issues unzipping a downloaded zip file?
Zip files will be downloaded in Zip64 format. If you are experiencing issues unzipping your files make sure your decompressor is able to unzip Zip64 files. If you are using Safari, before downloading the Zip file make sure “ Open ‘safe’ files after downloading ” is unchecked in your Safari General Preferences. Leaving this checked may result in issues when unzipping downloaded files.
Image Collections
How do I create an image collection?
You must first search for images using one of the search options and then from the search results page select and add the desired images to a new or existing collection. Refer to the IDA manual for the detailed steps on this process.
Can I share my data collection with someone else?
Although some studies have chosen to create collections shared with all approved users, at present there is no way to share user collections with specific individuals.
Can I delete an image collection?
You can delete a collection by opening a collection, selecting 'All' items in the collection and then clicking 'Remove'.
I'm part of a study using the IDA, how do I obtain upload access to a specific project?
Only authorized users of a study are given upload access. You will need to register for an IDA account and then email to obtain the access, including the specific details required by the study (generally in the study technical manual provided by the study coordinator). Click here to copy the email address.
Where can I find the option to Archive in my main menu?
First select the project you need to upload to from the PROJECTS menu. The Archive menu will appear if you have been granted upload access for the study.
What are the system requirements for uploading to the IDA?
It is possible to upload to IDA either from the browser or by downloading the IDA-Uploader application. For both methods a computer with access to the internet is required. For the requirements specific to each method please refer to the IDA manual.
I can no longer see the archive buttons in the Archive page, how do I continue my upload?
The IDA Web Uploader buttons are only compatible with the Internet Explorer(IE) web browser (minimum version 9) and java plug-in (minimum version 1.8, 32 bit). If you no longer have access to this version, we suggest you install the IDA-Uploader Application. Refer to the IDA manual for detailed steps on this process.
IDA Manual
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