Notice: The IDA currently requires the Java plug-in for downloading or uploading scans. Because support for the Java plug-in has been removed in recent updates to some web browsers, Download/Upload functionality will no longer work in certain web browsers. Please see the "Supported Browsers" section of the Support page for more information.


The LONI Image & Data Archive (IDA) contains data from over 80 research studies, simultaneously protecting data from unauthorized access and providing an infrastructure for data sharing according to the needs of the study PIs.
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Supported Browsers:

Java Is Required:

To test your Java plugin, visit
To download Java, visit

Important Notice to Mac Users:

Apple blocks Java from running on Mac computers running Snow Leopard (10.6.00 and later).
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How do I register for a user account?
Simply click the instant free signup button above and follow the instructions

How do I obtain access to data stored in the IDA?
The IDA contains data several studies having completely open data sharing policies and for studies with restricted sharing policies.
For open sharing projects, only an IDA user account is needed.
Studies with open data sharing policies display an [OPEN USE] button in the Featured Studies section.
For restricted sharing studies, permission may be requested by submitting a data use application. Studies in the Featured Studies section with the green [APPLY] button welcome data use applications.

How can I tell if the Java Plug-in is installed?
To test your Java Plug-in, visit

What if my Java plugin is installed and updated but I still cannot download data?
Some browser security settings do not allow Java to run by default and require you to change the settings.
To review browser-specific instructions, visit


IDA Manual