The LONI Image & Data Archive (IDA) contains data from over 100 research studies and clinical trials, simultaneously protecting data from unauthorized access and providing an infrastructure for data sharing according to the needs of the study PIs. Please use the topics below to explore this page and e-mail ida@loni.usc.edu if you have further questions.



How do I register for a user account?
Simply click the Instant Free Signup button in the header and follow the instructions.

How do I obtain access to data stored in the IDA?
The IDA contains data from studies with open-sharing policies and with restricted-sharing policies:

How can I tell if the Java Plug-in (required for uploading files) is installed?
To test your Java Plug-in, visit http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp

What if my Java plugin is installed and updated but I still cannot upload data?
Some browser security settings do not allow Java to run by default, and you may have to change these settings. To review browser-specific instructions, visit https://java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml



IDA Downloader: Intro

IDA download functionality has been improved to make the download process quicker and easier:

Download Options

Image of 1-Click Download
Use the built-in functionality of your web browser to quickly download all the files in your collection to a single zip file.

Image of Advanced Download Split your download into multiple files. Use the built-in functionality of your web browser to download files or use your favorite Download Manager software to optimize your download speed and experience (see About Download Managers immediately below).

Download Managers

Software applications known as Download Managers may help you manage your IDA file downloads: they can automate downloads of multiple files and can keep track of large files seamlessly while you do other things or are away from your computer. A major advantage of most Download Managers is that if a download is briefly interrupted due to poor connectivity, that download will continue from the point where it was interrupted instead of restarting from the beginning.

IDA does not endorse or support any download managers and is not responsible for download errors or subsequent issues resulting from use of any third-party products. However, IDA has tested and suggests the following free products for your consideration:

Product Name Platforms Site
jDownloader Linux, Mac or Windows
uGet Linux or Windows
FDM Mac or Windows



Supported Browsers

Java Is Required

IDA Uploader Instructions